Let’s Encounter Jesus Together

Bible, hands and person in prayer, religion and peace in a lounge, praise and holy worship for guid
Group of people praying and worship god.

Let’s Grow, Together.

You should experience the Kingdom of God at church. 

At West Bend, we aim to fully reflect the Kingdom through loving each other one at a time, feeding each other the Word of God, connecting each other to God through prayer & worship, and motivating each other to serve.

And as a small and multi-generational church, that means you have a place here. Come see.

Join us Sundays

In Person – 10 AM / 11 AM / 6:30 PM


In Person –   6:30 PM

(We live stream each services)

Location – 8861 Winchester Road, Clay City KY 40312


Latest Message

Join us weekly as Pastor James Combs delivers an inspiring message from the word of God, connecting timeless wisdom with everyday life. After each service, be sure to catch the latest video to deepen your understanding of the message and strengthen your relationship with God. We can’t wait to see you there!